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Noah Watry
I read. I write. I create. In my spare time I'm a funeral director and poker player. More at Book available on Amazon: The Game of Life and Poker

I know, I can already feel your puzzled look at me. Hear me out though. For this article, I am going to make the correlation between playing poker and funeral service. There are ways they go hand in hand (pun intended).

When you are playing poker, you are reading other poker players. A way to set yourself apart from the others and to take your game to the next level; you need to be able to read people. In funeral service, when meeting with families as the funeral director; you need to be able to read people.

Let’s start with…

If you’re wondering who I am and why you haven’t heard of me, that’s because I’m still a nobody. At least, a nobody to the published world of literature. I’m not famous. I’m not a writer for any regular publications (although I have had a few guest spots on some). Heck, I think the most I’ve made from all of my writing in total is maybe $500.

Forget paying the rent, that might cover food and gas. For one month.

I’ve written for The Sun, PokerNews, PokerShares, Cream City Central, Medium, Ozaukee Press… you know, publications everyone knows. Ha. Some…

Katy Perry was right, after all.

“Cause you’re hot then you’re cold,
You’re yes then you’re no.
You’re in then you’re out,
You’re up then you’re down.
You’re wrong when it’s right,
It’s black and it’s white.”

While she may have been talking about indecisiveness and/or relationships in her hit 2008 song “Hot N Cold,” I’m talking about life in general, and how my online poker graph pertains to it.

For the past five years, give or take a year or two, I have been playing online poker almost exclusively on America’s Cardroom. Back in my heyday of online poker…

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? I’ll tell you what I see.

I see someone who is not good enough. I see someone that could be so much more. I see failure. I see someone who could be a better Christian, man, brother, son, friend, lover, writer, funeral director, etc. I see flaws. I see… a real human being.

Now, I also see someone with potential. I see someone who is still standing, when he shouldn’t be. I see someone with his health and freedom. I see someone who has advantages that most in the world…

I’m going to let the cat out of the bag right away: I didn’t win either.

That’s because I didn’t even buy a ticket. I completely forgot about it this week. Last week the grand prize was $960 million I believe. This week, it was over $1 billion. Maybe they should have changed it to the Mega Billions, am I right? OK, all dad jokes aside, winning $1 billion is no joke.

For those wondering, and for the purpose of this article, after factoring in taxes, the lump sum payment comes to $740 million. Ok dads, we’re back in Mega…

Before I begin writing about 2021 and all we have to look forward to, I must touch on 2020. After all, in order to truly move forward, one must look on their past and accept it as just that; the past. So, let’s go back in time, shall we?

It was March 2020, right around the beginning of the month actually. Word had begun to spread that a virus had originated in Wuhan, China and was beginning to spread worldwide. Literally. From Italy, to Russia, to Brazil, to Canada, to the United States. It hit just about every continent and…

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, I’m about to put that to the test. No, I’m not going to write a thousand words about each incoming picture you are about to see; quite the opposite in fact. I’m actually going to say nothing at all. I’m going simply post 12 pictures, and take my leave. I want you, the reader, to take what you will from each picture. Think of this as my little art museum post.

The following pictures have been taken from each month of my life this past year. Each picture represents each month from…

A few months ago I entered a contest. A writing contest. The rules were quite simple. Owl Canyon Press (a book publishing company) would put up the prize money ($1,000 to first, $750 to second, $500 to third) and provide the first and last paragraphs of a story to be written by us. One through twenty. It was up to us to fill in the blanks. Paragraphs 2–19 were to be entirely made up on our own.

At first, I thought it would be easy. I think I am a decent writer (nothing great by any means), so I thought…

For starters, me. OK, maybe not, but also maybe. I always knew he was a fellow who danced to the beat of his own drum . He of the working out in public (GASP!) to supposedly show off. He of the long locks looking Adonis, with that southern-charm-smile. He of the same role, basically, movie after movie.

To Matthew himself, that was OK. That was part of the fun. Part of the ride. Until it wasn’t. Like most people in life, Matthew wanted more. He grew tired of the rom-com lifestyle. Basically, he was tired of being treated like a…

I recently launched the physical copy of my book, “The Game of Life and Poker: The Lessons I Learned On and Off the Felt.” It’s available on Amazon, or for a signed copy complete with a personal message, you can send me Bitcoin or Paypal. Click here if you’re interested. It took a long road to reach this book release, so forgive me if I seem a little proud.

OK, with that little plug out of the way, I want to touch on poker in terms of real life living. But first, I’m talking about anything in life, actually. Anything…

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