Buried Myself Alive: Let Me Count the Ways

Noah Watry
2 min readApr 27, 2022


Traditional. Cremation. Green Burial. Alkaline Hydrolysis. Composting.

Now that someone has passed away, it’s up to YOU on making the final funeral arrangements. Lest we forget about our own funeral wishes, it’s now up to us to decide on the Final Disposition for a loved one.

Let’s weigh your options.

Traditional Burial

For those who need physical closure.

Traditional burial is when a person passes away, is embalmed, preserved, and restored for viewing purposes. While the burial or entombment (mausoleum or crypt) will take place after a public viewing/visitation and funeral service in a church or at the funeral home. Usually most expensive.

Cremation/Memorial Services

For those who believe in celebrations of life, without a body present.

Cremation is when the body is burned until bones remain, which are then pulverized into ash. Cremated remains can be placed into an urn, scattered amongst favorite areas (up north, campsite, lake), and/or also buried. Also less cost-effective.

Green Burial

For those wanting a more Earthly feel, with no metal or chemicals used.

Green burial is limited to certain burial spaces in cemeteries (only three in Wisconsin), but there are no chemicals used (no embalming), no metal (wooden or wicker caskets used) and in most cases, burials take place within a day or two because of these instances.

Alkaline Hydrolysis

For those wanting something new and edgy.

While cremation involves heat and burning of the body down to organic bone; aquamation, as it’s become known, uses high pressured water to bring the body down to organic fragments. Think of a water hose bringing you down to nothing. Costs more than traditional cremation.


For those wanting to become soil. Literally.

Really only created recently in the state of Washington. You are placed into a pod once deceased, to then become soil. You are turned into compost, legally able to be used as-is. Crazy world we live in, am I right?

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