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Noah Watry
2 min readMay 11, 2022


Throughout my time as a funeral director, I have worn many hats.

Most days, I play the part I went to college for. I have a dual Wisconsin state license as a funeral director and embalmer. I am also licensed as a life insurance agent. However, there are days when the vehicles need washing. Maybe the caskets need polishing. The floors aren’t going to vacuum themselves. Our General Price Lists and Brochures stock may be running low; let’s print and fold some more.

Just because I hold a certain title or two, that doesn’t mean I’m above anyone else.

What happens in the Arrangement Room, stays in the Arrangement Room. Usually.

I get it, believe me. We all have family dynamics. Some get along, some don’t.

When meeting with families to plan their loved one’s funeral, you’d be surprised at how many do not get along. I’ve broken up fights (literal fist fights). I’ve had to calm people down. I’ve had to call the cops. I’ve even had a cop threaten me before. I still laugh about that one.

I can be your best friend, but above all else, I have a job to do. I am here to be your funeral director and not be your babysitter.

Like Mother, Like Son.

My mom has an interior design degree. We’ve always been a creative family.

When flowers arrive for the funeral, it is my job to arrange then as I see fit. How about the poster boards? The pictures for the DVD slideshow? I got it. I’ll take care of it. If you can’t quite figure out how to write an obituary, I’ll write one up for you here and now.

As a funeral director, I wear many hats. Therapist. Florist. Creative Writer. Babysitter. Landscaper. I’m also your friend and caretaker.

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