Metals Finishing Grit and Grind: The Dog Days of Summer in a TIG Welder’s Heat

I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was a mid summer Sunday morning. I was playing poker online, as per my usual. It was 2010. I had a girlfriend, who was a CNA and nowhere to be found this weekend. She was off working the usual 12 hour shifts and so, I was left to do what I wanted, which was play poker. Back then, playing poker was the one thing on my mind. It was what I did whenever I could. It paid the bills, after all. It also paid for the jetset lifestyle that some women are accustomed to. It paid for cover charges. It paid for VIP’s. It paid for lavish dinners…

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Noah Watry

Funeral Director/Embalmer⚰️Pre-Need Specialist👨‍💼Family Service Advisor⚱️3x Author (1x Best Seller) 📚