My Personal Annual Review: 7 Simple Questions That Will Challenge and Change My Life.

Noah Watry
2 min readDec 26, 2022

I began following Sahil Bloom this past year. I’ve really enjoyed his thoughts and his newsletter.

Sahil’s Personal Annual Review made me think and reflect on a very tough year. Here are his 7 questions, and my 7 answers.

1. What did I change my mind about this year?

Funeral Service: I had to let go of being in charge, the sleepless nights, working holidays, weekends, etc. I thought funeral service was all I knew or could do.

Support: I always thought I would be fine on my own. I was wrong.

2. What created energy this year?

Activities: Attending church, nature walks, waking up earlier, cutting out alcohol.

Projects: Writing my 3rd (published) and 4th books (TBA 2023), decluttering social media/apps.

People: Pastors, family, entrepreneurs, co-workers, therapists.

3. What drained energy this year?

Activities: Work, substances, playing poker, staying up late

Projects: posting nonsense on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

People: Non-friends, co-workers, and grieving families served.

4. Who were the boat anchors in my life?

Myself, co-workers, families served, my cousin, users, and abusers.

5. What did I not do because of fear?

Take a leave of absence from funeral service: I feared losing money, and purpose and being labeled a quitter.

Seek help, therapy, and rehab: I had been an alcoholic for half my life (I’m 38), revisiting past trauma and being honest with myself.

6. What were my greatest hits and worst misses this year?

Greatest: Giving up addictions, leaving funeral service, admitting defeat, seeking help

Worst: Handling depression on my own, having to hit rock bottom to realize, letting down grieving families

7. What did I learn this year?

Everyone needs help in some fashion.

There are consequences to every action.

Faith is vital to me. Let go and let God.

The meaning behind unconditional love.

Peace of mind and purpose matter more than money.

The short term does not outweigh the long term.

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