No One But Ourselves Can Stop Us

Noah Watry
2 min readJan 2, 2023

In reading Seth Godin’s book, “The Practice: Shipping Creative Work,” I have become enamored with each little snippet (or pointer) that I read. Every content creator, business owner, writer, and/or entrepreneur should read this book. This morning #173 really got me:

“You won’t run out. This isn’t your one and only shot. There’s no perfect idea, just the next thing you haven’t shipped yet.

No one is keeping you from posting your video. No one is keeping you from blogging every day. No one is keeping you from hanging your artwork. The only way to get through the steps is to do the steps.”

No one but ourselves can free our minds. No one but ourselves can stop us from doing what we want in life. No one but you. No one but me.


2022 has happened. It’s over. It’s gone. It’s buried. Let the past be the past. Let go and let God.

2023 is here. It’s now. It’s the present. In one year, it too will be gone. How do you want to spend 2023? I want to spend mine writing, creating, posting, publishing, and becoming a leader and a speaker, someone people can look towards.

Trust the process. Do the work. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will our artwork, book, or business, be. If we do not start, if we do not put in the work; our year will have passed us by. Again. Soon enough, a lifetime.

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