OK, Lewis Howes, You Got Me: My Three Truths and Definition of Greatness

Noah Watry
5 min readMay 28

I love listening to podcasts. I also love reading. I love writing even more than those.

No, these are not my three truths.

Lewis Howes has become someone I listen to frequently. I read Ryan Holiday’s books quite often. I write above all else.

For those wondering who Lewis Howes is, well here you are.

Lewis Howes is an athlete turned podcaster and author. While one sentence does not explain who is is or even close to what he does, this is the basic version.

The over-explained version is that Lewis was struck with a horrible injury that ended his football playing career, leading him to find a new avenue in life: achieving greatness on his terms, not life’s.

Lewis is a two-sport athlete, not just a footballer. He is a New York Times bestseller. He hosts a Top 100 podcast. I’m paraphrasing from his website (click here!), but I’m also explaining what makes him a great follow, listen, read, etc.

I have questioned my life for decades. I want to be great and do great things for humanity, but I have also been my own worst enemy throughout my life.

For quite some time, I have been asking myself the very questions that Lewis ends each podcast with.

“Imagine it’s your last day on earth, many years from now, and you’ve accomplished everything you’ve ever dreamed of. But for whatever reason, you have to take all of your content with you and no one has access to any of your information anymore. But you get to leave behind three truths — three lessons that you want to leave with the world. What would be your three truths?”

And the second is, “What’s your definition of greatness?”

OK, Lewis Howes, you got me. Here are my three truths.

  1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I spent my early years in life (middle and high school) deferring to others. I was shy, I was an introvert. I just wanted to do my own thing. Once I started college, I became an extrovert. I tried new things. I dated all types of women. I also became something I am not. I became a criminal. I became someone that lied, cheated, and stole. In turn, I received…
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