The Death of a Funeral Director: Writing My Own Obituary

My name is Noah Watry. My birthday is today, September 20th. I am a licensed funeral director in the state of Wisconsin. I am single, with no kids. I’ve never been married. Only once in my life did I see that happening, and that was my last girlfriend. I still do. But here I am, with the thoughts and reminders that life is exactly as I see it daily. This is life. This is death. I live it. You know it.

We come and go. We live every day and thus, die only once, contrary to popular belief (YOLO?). Every day is an opportunity. We have an…



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Noah Watry

Funeral Director/Embalmer⚰️Pre-Need Specialist👨‍💼Family Service Advisor⚱️3x Author (1x Best Seller) 📚