Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Cannot, Teach. Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth.

Noah Watry
6 min readOct 8, 2020

***I recently had writer’s block, but felt like writing (odd I know), so I asked my friends and followers to choose a topic for me to write about. The rules were simple, as posted on all of my social media as follows:

The rules were simple, as posted on all of my social media as follows:

1. I will make the article 1,000 words or more (depending how inspired I am) at the very least. To be posted on Medium and my personal website ( once it’s rebooted.

2. You cannot nominate that I write about someone else we both know personally (no nominating significant others or family members). You can nominate yourself or an athlete/celebrity though.

3. Nothing religious or political. I’m not interested in creating a division among my friends, nor am I interested in talking about something I’ve always said I would keep private (religion and politics).

4. Also, nothing I have touched on before. If you want to know more about my poker playing or thoughts on funeral service, please check out my book (available on Amazon: Life and Poker by Noah Watry) or other articles here, on Medium.

5. Try to be creative! This is your opportunity to read about what you want to read about. I will personalize this as much as possible for you, so let’s have some fun with it! ***

There were two things I wanted to be when I was a youngster; a paleontologist and an NBA player. I’ll spare you the (non) drama, I became neither. While I certainly haven’t done a lot of things I once had hopes for, I have become a few things, that looking back on, are exactly what I always wanted to be doing. I’ve become a writer. I’ve become a funeral director. I’ve become a beacon of hope.

As I got older, going from a young child with dreams to a young adult with goals, I started to have different people and things I wanted to become like. When I was in high school, I actually looked up to my teachers. I did not act like it, however, and I’m sure most people thought I was a clown or not to be taken seriously. Highly understandable. Even now, I still have old high school classmates bringing up something I said or did twenty years ago. Move on, bro. I have.

Dead center (Packers shirt) 1995–96
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