We’ve Reached the Halfway Point: 38 Years In, 38 More to Go

No, not quite yet. We’re at the finish line. I’m rounding third. Here comes the white flag. Set the gallows. This is it. This is 38.

In three days I will be turning 38 years old. I keep mentioning this, in no small feat, because every year I celebrate being on this earth, it is another year closer to death.

I don’t mind discussing my death. I don’t mind living, either. In fact, I enjoy life so greatly, that I am trying to get out as many words as possible on every subject I know. I don’t write nearly as…



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Noah Watry

Funeral Director/Embalmer⚰️Pre-Need Specialist👨‍💼Family Service Advisor⚱️3x Author (1x Best Seller) 📚 www.noahwatry.com/books/