What’s in a Name: Funeral Words With Friends

Noah Watry
2 min readMay 9, 2022


Today I’m going to go over vocabulary used in funeral service.

Understanding funeral types, merchandise, and the daily language I use will better serve you in the future. Let’s dive in.


Not to be confused with a coffin. A casket is a rectangular vessel (made of wood, metal and/or wicker/particle board) used for viewing the deceased and in burials. A coffin is what a vampire sleeps in.


An enclosed container that holds cremated remains. Usually stands about 8 inches in height and 6 inches in diameter, with the cremated remains using up most of the urn. Usually weighs about 6–7 pounds when filled.

Outer Burial Container (Vault):

Usually, a cemetery requirement, as its main purpose is to hold (and protect) the casket and your loved one for burial. The vault will also stop the ground/earth from caving in around the casket. Can be sealed and made up of concrete, bronze, steel, and copper levels of protection.

Memorial Service:

The decedent is cremated first; and a gathering of friends and family is held after-the-fact. This is when personalization happens, with an urn present, pictures, flowers, favorite music being played, a collection of items spread throughout the church and/or funeral home. The deceased is memorialized in spirit and not in bodily form.

Committal Prayers:

Prayers said at the gravesite (for burial). Normally by an ordained Pastor, Priest or Life Celebrant. Lasts about 10–15 minutes. Bonus vocabulary: A Pastor is of Lutheran faith. A Priest is Catholic. A Life Celebrant is non-denominational, more open to sharing and celebrating a life lived.

Stay tuned for more meanings behind my funeral service words being used.

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