Who Knew Matthew McConaughey Could Leave Behind a Legacy With “Greenlights?”

Noah Watry
6 min readNov 20, 2020

For starters, me. OK, maybe not, but also maybe. I always knew he was a fellow who danced to the beat of his own drum . He of the working out in public (GASP!) to supposedly show off. He of the long locks looking Adonis, with that southern-charm-smile. He of the same role, basically, movie after movie.

To Matthew himself, that was OK. That was part of the fun. Part of the ride. Until it wasn’t. Like most people in life, Matthew wanted more. He grew tired of the rom-com lifestyle. Basically, he was tired of being treated like a joke and not being taken serious. He wanted serious movie roles. He wanted serious offers. He wanted to actually prepare for something versus just show up with chiseled abs and that boy-howdy laugh, collect his millions and call it a day (er, movie). He wanted to leave behind a legacy.

Matthew McConaughey pretty much said as much in his round of podcasts recently (see, Joe Rogan, Tim Ferris, Ryan Holiday, to click on a few).

But Noah, doesn’t money always talk? Sure. Again, until it doesn’t. That’s just fool’s gold, as they say. Eventually there has to be more to life than just money and abs. Pretty women? They come and go. Fame? That fades. A legacy? Now that… that lasts forever.

A legacy is usually defined by something of value being left behind for heirs or family members. A question I like to ask people, when they tell me that they love what they do is, “Is this going to be your legacy, though?” I’m given confused looks and a “Huh?” answer. I ask you, the reader, what is your legacy? What was Matthew McConaughey’s? These are questions that need answers.

For starters, I agree that not everyone has their legacy in place. Heck, most of us don’t even have our current lives in order on a daily basis, much less a legacy. A legacy Noah!? You’re trying to talk to us about a legacy; what have YOU done? Well, not much. But I will get there, or die trying. Maybe that will be my legacy in of itself, die trying to reach my goals. Die trying to give myself a better life and those that come after me. I’d rather die trying than not. The bonus is, if I succeed, then my legacy will be intact forever. If I fail, then let that be my legacy. Win win, am I right?

Matthew McConaughey had his rom-com movie fanatics, but that was it. So, naturally, he went left when Hollywood went right. He settled down. He had children. He began to…

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